The Practical Side Of Social Media (6:19)

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Many people still find some aspects of social media – such as giving away info for free and chatting with folks instead of actively selling products – counterintuitive.  So at BlogWorld, Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, explained to WebProNews how he handles the ins and outs of interacting with people on sites like Twitter.

“Yes, you have to give away free content, but you have to understand why,” Clark told Abby Johnson.  The process is a matter of attracting people to you and building trust, he said.  “Use content to get people to like you first.”

Then, “You have to ultimately have a way to make money beyond building those crucial things,” whether that’s through selling advertising, products, or services.

Strategy’s important, too.  “You have to connect the dots, and it’s better to do that earlier rather than later,” Clark emphasized.  He pointed out, “For every Twitter, there’s 4,000, 5,000 broken-hearted losers.”

Then one other key issue is the matter of authenticity.  Clark argued, “The number one rule is: it’s what they think is authentic, not what you think is authentic.”  That’s not an invitation to lie, though.  He just suggested, “Find what’s unique about you . . . how does that relate to the people you’re trying to talk to and hopefully do business with?”

Or, to put it another way, Clark said, “Find the unique aspect of your personality that fits your lifestyle and makes you happy and go with that.”

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