Competitive Analysis Using K.O.B. Score (7:58)

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Todd Malicoat, the SEO Faculty Chair for Market Motive, recently devised a new way to look at cost/benefit analysis. The concept came from the keyword effectiveness index from Wordtracker but takes it one step further.

As he explains to WebProNews, the new methodology is, essentially, keyword opposition to benefit score (K.O.B.) In this concept, the opposition is the competitive nature of a search result. The benefit is the search volume times cost-per-click. To get the total K.O.B. score, take the opposition times the benefit.

Many people utilize Wordtracker but keep their competitive analysis separate. Malicoat’s idea, however, brings the two together to show the benefit beyond the raw search volume.

He goes on to say that there are two parts to the idea. The first is determining whether or not there is commercial intent involved, to which the price of the cost-per-click is the deciding factor. The other side is determining what to rank for. To find this, users need to look at the opposition. A few factors involved in opposition include age, on-page optimization, local set links, and unique linking domain.

To learn more about keyword opposition through benefit score, visit the SEO section on Market Motive.

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