Getting Back to the Basics of Social Media (6:02)

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Although strategies and tactics are a big part of social media, this implementation process often overpowers the space. When this happens, the whole “social” side of social media dies. Ted Murphy, the CEO of IZEA, talks about this idea with WebProNews and how it can be avoided.

As he explains, marketers need to get back to the basics. This often involves disconnecting Facebook and Twitter and backing away from the computer. When marketers pull away, they have the opportunity to think about what they want to accomplish and create a plan for achieving it.

“The blogosphere and social media has become a bit of an echo chamber… everybody now becomes a program in the same way, doing the same thing,” said Murphy.

He goes on to say that offline is an important part of getting back to the basics. It’s one thing to have an online chat with someone, but it’s another thing to shake their hand and interact with them personally. Industry events are a great way for people to build these offline relationships.

Murphy also catches us up on the FTC guidelines that went into effect last December. When we spoke to him last year, the guidelines were raising quite a stir throughout the industry. Now, however, most of the industry is accepting them as a standardized rulebook.

The guidelines, essentially, require marketers and advertisers to be transparent and disclose their relationships. Murphy believes thy have been good for the industry.

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