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Online visibility service PRWeb is now making it easier for businesses and brands to get found on the Web. As Nida Haque explains to WebProNews, the company recently made some changes to improve press releases and how they are distributed.

For starters, it revamped its news release template in order to make it more SEO friendly. Although the template has the same elements that it had previously, the structure of it has changed. For instance, there is more room for multimedia and images and the social media features have been repositioned to make sharing more accessible.

PRWeb has also added several new distribution partners. They include Financial Content, Photobucket, Zemanta, and StreetInsider. Each of these partners extends PRWeb’s reach on the Web.

“We’re really becoming more broad and getting more blogger type of syndication partners,” said Haque.

She also offers some tips for people submitting their press releases to PRWeb. First of all, she suggests keyword and key phrase research. In addition, she believes people should take advantage of seasonal opportunities as well as multimedia and images.

Interestingly, PRWeb recently conducted a study to find the value of utilizing multimedia and images. It found that the average amount of time that customers spend on a page increases by 30 seconds when multimedia or images are present. It also found that 48 percent of journalists are more apt to go to video releases as opposed to standard text releases.

Even with all the improvements that PRWeb has made of late, Haque indicated that more announcements would be coming.

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