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Link building has changed considerably since the early days of SEO. As Jon Henshaw, Co-founder and product manager of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, explained to WebProNews, link building was previously a crude, blunt act. Today, however, it’s more about relationships, whether it is related to social or not.

For this shift, Raven has built a tool called Link Manager that helps users manage these relationships. It has a multi-user interface that tracks who was contacted, the status of the relationship, how many links are being built, and if the links are staying.

Another helpful tool from Raven is its CustomRank tool. This tool allows users to customize their own points of value on a site. For example, one company might place a lot of value on a site’s Alexa ranking, while another company might place their value on a more technical factor. Users can choose which factors they want to monitor and then let the reporting engine do its job.

Henshaw pointed out that this tool puts the power into their customer’s hands, which allows them to better communicate with their clients.

“It’s not about us telling somebody how to do their job; it’s about us giving them the tools to be more efficient and do it the way they think is right,” he said.

He went on to say that Raven was working on several other useful tools that would be released in 2011. To learn more about their tools and the plans they provide, visit their site.

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