Is Google TV in Trouble? (3:47)

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The announcement of Google TV last year resulted in widespread excitement. However, the product has faced many challenges in its short lifespan.

One problem has been concern over how much control Google would have over the online video advertising market. As a result, media companies have been very hesitant to partner with Google. In fact, some television networks have even blocked Google’s software from broadcasting their shows.

Google TV has also struggled with a lot of negative reviews, feedback, and rumors. Just last week, numerous reports were saying that Logitech was stopping shipment of its Revue set-top box from December 2010 to January 2011.

The New York Times also recently reported that Google had asked manufacturers to delay announcements of their Google TV systems at CES this week. These reports claimed that Google requested the delay in order to make software updates to its systems. However, both Logitech and Google denied these allegations.

Incidentally, companies including Samsung and Vizio have showcased new Google TV systems at CES this week.

Lastly, the competition has been and still is a challenge for Google TV. In September of last year, Apple announced its new version of Apple TV, which heated up competition even further between Apple and Google. Apple has even confirmed that it sold more than 1 million Apple TV units before Christmas, thus reaching a milestone.

Also, on the subject of competition, the market appears to be getting bigger after similar offerings were announced at CES this week. For starters, Yahoo added an “interactivity” program to its Connected TV service. In addition, Microsoft indicated a TV strategy with their Xbox.

So, what does this mean for Google TV? Can Google succeed in this market?

WebProNews asked Greg Sterling, contributing editor at Search Engine Land, about the future of Google TV and he said, “We’re very early in the market for connected TV… I think that definitely what Google has introduced is some version of the future.”

He went on to say, “How committed is Google to this project? It’s a big initiative for Google and I would imagine that they are going to try and get it right.”

How do you see Google TV playing out?

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