New Media Rights: Protecting Rights Online (4:14)

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With the online publishing and tech industry booming, it is unfortunate that not many legal experts have been as eager to embrace these new areas. Luckily, there are organizations such as New Media Rights (NMR) that offer assistance to online publishers and technologists.

As Art Neill, the Executive Director of NMR explains to WebProNews, the organization offers free legal assistance to people who create and share content online. It provides information related to copyright laws, online publishing laws, and more.

People often ask why they offer this assistance pro bono since there aren’t many attorneys involved in the space. According to Neill, NMR believes it is important to help startups, nonprofits, bloggers, and filmmakers know what their rights are online.

“They deserve a resource just like anybody else, so that they can spend their time creating, so that they can spend their time doing what they love to do,” he said.

NMR has a valuable resource on their website that includes many legal and technical “how-to” articles. People can ask them questions, and if they don’t have the answer, they will find someone who does.

To find out more about this informative public interest organization, visit their website.

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