Layar: Augmenting the World, 1 Layer at a Time ()

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According to Gene Becker, a strategist with Layar, augmented reality (AR) is “the blending of the digital world and the physical world.” He further explained to WebProNews that it adds digital experiences such as images, video, music, and interactivity to experiences in the physical world.

“We think of AR as really an emerging medium for creative expression and communication. It’s a medium that’s digital, that’s interactive, but it’s also uniquely physical in nature,” he said.

Layar is valuable in the augmented reality space since it is the world’s largest AR mobile platform. Its products include end-user software, the Layar reality browser, and the Layar Player. The company recently opened up its technology in order to allow developers to incorporate the Layar Player into their own applications. Incidentally, they have already noticed that developers are utilizing their technology.

Although AR is fascinating, it is still in the very early stages. Becker compares augmented reality today, to the Internet in 1994. While a lot has changed since that time, in terms of the Web, it proved to be an integral time in transforming the Web. It gave people new capabilities for publishing and communicating. Layar wanted to allow more people to use their augmented reality platform because of the similarities between AR today and the Web of yesterday.

“We think it’s really important that we enable anybody to create AR experiences, to augment their physical world… that’s going to be one of the things that really helps AR take off and become mainstream and a part of everybody’s life,” said Becker.

He went on to say that, while it is still early, there is already competition in AR. He believes this is good because it spurs innovation.

Layar also recently released Layar 5.0 for Android, which enables integration with both Twitter and Facebook as well as enables animations of 3D objects. Becker said that this move offers some “pretty big hints” into what others can expect from Layar in the near future.

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