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WebProNews first told you about oneforty just after it launched in late 2009. Just a few months after the launch, the “App Store for Twitter” had already gained significant traction. Since that time, the site has developed even further and has expanded beyond an online community and database of Twitter applications.

For these reasons, Laura Fitton, the company’s CEO and founder, has decided to take the startup into the direction of social business. As she explained to WebProNews, oneforty didn’t just completely change its focus one day. Instead, it was a natural evolution of the service.

“We started with almost a consumer focus… and we were ourselves even surprised how much the proportion of users who showed up really needed business help; and they needed help not just on Twitter for business, but on social media for business generally,” she said.

oneforty not only grew into a huge list of Twitter apps, but it also grew as an information resource since its users would submit tips for using the tools. Users also created toolkit guides that were, essentially, case studies to help other businesses succeed. At this point, oneforty has over 700 of these how-to guides.

The site is also doing a lot more with their blog by offering daily advice for business owners. Another new area of the site is its question-and-answer section, in which users can reach out directly to the tool developers as well as other businesses for information.

In addition, there is a social media professionals’ section that is available directly on oneforty’s homepage, which is a list of actual experts that can help businesses in their social efforts. Fitton told us that these professional profiles would become more sophisticated in the coming months.

Although oneforty’s focus is now more closely aligned with B2B, it is still useful for consumers.

“When we’re in Twitter, when we’re in Facebook, even when we’re blogging, sometimes we’re really focused on our job; and other times, we’re a little more focused on personal. There are very few people who use it exclusively one way or another,” said Fitton.

She went on to say that oneforty’s recent evolution is indicative of how powerful social media is for business. She also added that oneforty aspires to be the “friendly place” where both newcomers and advanced users of the social space can go to find tips, tools, and information.

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