The Gatekeepers Post: Connecting On and Offline Publishers (8:29)

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Over the past few years, the publishing industry has experienced many changes. These changes are largely a result of the Internet and all the new publishers that the Web has brought into the space. On one hand, some say that online publishing killed books and newspapers. On the other hand, people argue that the Internet has actually created new opportunities for publishers.

In spite of these issues, the fact is that publishing is evolving and publishers need to know how to approach the changes. For these reasons, respected novelist and publishing executive Jeff Rivera and several others saw the importance of creating a new social community geared toward this very topic.

The Gatekeepers Post consists of a group book publishing leaders which includes agents, editors, new media influencers, authors, and more that blog about what is happening in the publishing industry. It is said to be a cross between The Huffington Post and Publisher’s Weekly but will bring current competitors together under one roof to exchange ideas.

“It’s going to certainly change everything in terms of being able to really create a conversation that will really bring ideas that work,” said Rivera.

With the continuing changes in the publishing industry, he went on to say that publishers have to redefine who they are and establish a brand for themselves. However, this means that the “little guys” can compete with the “big guys.”

The Gatekeepers Post plans to address both of these areas of publishing in order to help everyone succeed. In addition, Rivera pointed out that it hopes to redefine what a gatekeeper actually is.

The site will officially launch tonight, February 1, at midnight.

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