Pixable Cofounders Discuss Photo Trends (And Facebook) (13:10)

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Photos and Facebook play a significant role in a lot of people’s lives.  Every day, or at least once a week, many folks browse, seek out, or upload pics on Facebook or some other site.  Related trends may be worth knowing about, then, and two cofounders of Pixable were recently good enough to share some facts.

In an interview with Abby Johnson, Pixable’s Inaki Berenguer and Andres Blank discussed a study that discovered certain patterns.  Women share twice as many photos on Facebook as men, for example, and also appear in twice as many photos.

Then here’s a different, and perhaps less intuitive, fact: according to Berenguer and Blank, older people share almost as many photos as younger people.

Finally – and we’re perhaps back into more obvious territory here – guys like to look at photos of girls they don’t know, while girls like to look at photos of girls they do know.

Anyway, as people continue to use Facebook more and more, and picture-taking mobile devices become better and more common (whether we’re talking about smartphones, iPads, or whatever), the cofounders of Pixable predicted that photo overload could become an issue.

Indeed, the pair believe that finding a way of organizing pictures will be key, or else people will become overwhelmed by pictures of friends, favorite celebrities, and popular bands.

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