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Adobe launched its new Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium today. WebProNews spoke exclusively to Scott Fegette, Adobe’s Senior Product Manager on the Creative Suite Web team, about this new version and what all it involves.

“We really paid close attention to, not necessarily creating a whole bunch of new ways to work to support these new targets, but really, again, took a lot of care in each of the applications to make sure that we just beefed up the workflows that already existed to where, hopefully… it just feels like a natural extension of the product,” he said.

Adobe CS5.5 brings updates to Adobe Flash Catalyst, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Device Central, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash Pro, and HTML5. The company also rolled out a new pricing plan that not only gives customers more options, but it also helps them stay updated on the latest versions of software.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is available through the Adobe Store and through Adobe Authorized Resellers and is scheduled to ship within 30 days.

How does Adobe CS5.5 look to you? Were these the updates you were hoping for?

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