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Over the last year, a website called The Oatmeal has completely blown up. It is a collection of comics, quizzes, and stories and is somewhat similar to the comedy found on the Cheezburger Network’s sites.

Ironically, one man, Matt Inman, is responsible for the content on the site. He told WebProNews that the site was made up of “anything I think I can make funny.” He went on to say that content consists of everything ranging from constipated dinosaurs to grammar and tech guides.

While marketers would love for their content to go viral in the same way that Inman’s content has, it doesn’t usually happen. As he explained, most viral content is actually accidental. In terms of advice, Inman did suggest that marketers should try “finding something that we can all relate to and putting it to a comical form.”

As a result of the success of the content, Matt Inman now has a book out entitled, 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides). He also has another book in the works that will be out next year.

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