Analyze "Likes" on Facebook with Likester (14:47)

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The value of “Likes” on Facebook is growing in value as more and more brands strive to gain them. For this reason, it is not surprising that services such as Likester are surfacing to leverage this rich data.

Likester is not only a search database for “Likes,” but it also serves as an organization platform that categorizes “Likes” in a way that is beneficial to both users and brands.

“We’re trying to help people understand the world of ‘Likes’,” said Kevin McCarthy, Likester’s Founder and President.

As he explained to us, Likester allows users to discover data regarding what their friends like, what people like in a specific geographic area, and more. It is even being used to make predictions on the hit show American Idol. McCarthy believes the platform will be very useful in the elections in 2012 as well.

What other ways can you see this platform being used?

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