New Compete Data Shows Value in Facebook Pages (11:09)

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Online market research firm Compete recently released a report that reveals some very interesting information about Facebook. The study compared the Facebook traffic of over 40 brand pages to the website traffic of those same brands. Interestingly, the Facebook pages that drew the most unique visitors were Walmart, State Farm Insurance, BMW, and Best Buy. However, iTunes drew more traffic to its Facebook page than its website.

As Lincoln Merrihew, Managing Director at Compete, explained to WebProNews, the report shows that companies are finding extreme value in Facebook not only in terms of branding, but some companies are also using it to create a “storefront” platform for their products and services, such as what Apple has done. He did point out that, before brands jump on board with Facebook, they should consider their customers and whether or not they are more comfortable on their domain or on Facebook.

How does your brand’s Facebook page compare to your own website?

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