The Role of Social Media in Casey Anthony's Trial (10:59)

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The story of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance and death is one that has captivated the nation. All the questions and inconsistencies surrounding the little girl’s mother, Casey Anthony, have only added to the drama. This drama has shifted online as well, especially with Casey’s trial in its third week.

The “online jury,” so to speak, has not been shy about sharing their feelings. Blogs have been created regarding the case, and Facebook and Twitter posts go out continuously. Is this communication influencing the proceedings inside the courtroom?

Persuasive communications expert Juliet Huck told WebProNews that the judge had a difficult job on his hands in terms of keeping the online influences away from the jury. Social media has become such a dominant player in society that it is a challenge to keep it away from even the most conventional practices like the legal system.

How big of a role do you think social media will play in Casey Anthony’s trial?

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