The Truth about the Facebook Phonebook Scare (9:32)

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Last week, many Facebook users were alarmed when they thought Facebook was publishing all the contacts in their phones. As it turns out, for those users that sync their mobile phone contacts with their Facebook contacts, the company was pulling the numbers from their phones and consolidating them in one place in their Facebook Phonebook.

However, the social network was not publishing the contacts to other users. Social media strategist Tamar Weinberg was one of the first users to notice this feature and, although initially taken aback, she told us that it was convenient way to access her contacts.

In an effort to squelch some of the rumors going around about the issue, Facebook released a statement assuring users that it was not publishing the contacts. It also said the feature had been around for a “long time,” which is odd since no one had mentioned it previously.

What do you think of the feature?

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