110 Stories App Lets Users Remember the Twin Towers (6:52)

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On this 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001, Americans all across the country are reliving their memories of the tragic attacks. Memorial services, monuments, and other commemorative proceedings have all taken place, and continue to take place, to remember the fallen.

One of the latest attempts at remembering the tragedy and what life was like both before and after it occurred is through a new mobile app. The app is called “110 Stories” and incorporates augmented reality to let users put the World Trade Center back into the New York City skyline. It also serves as a platform for people to share their stories about the Twin Towers, the tragedy, and how it impacted their lives.

Brian August, the creator of the app, told us that as a lifelong New Yorker, he wanted to develop such a platform for a long time but that the technology didn’t exist. With all the advances in smartphones, he saw an opportunity for his ambition in an app.

110 Stories is currently available on iOS and Android platforms, and shares stories on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and, of course, on 110Stories.com.

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