Networking on LinkedIn & Why You Better Be Doing It (15:00)

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In today’s economy, people understand that networking is important. Whether it is in-person or through social networking sites, for the most part, people try to take advantage of networking.

However, because people often associate LinkedIn as a place to find jobs, they forget about how powerful it can be for networking. Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Connections Director, told us that the professional network could actually be a game changer in terms of a person’s career.

As she explained, LinkedIn is a platform that is full of credentials and qualified referrals that people need to be utilizing. Through products such as LinkedIn Today, users can keep up with the latest developments and events in their related industries. Additionally, the company recently introduced Causes to allow users to get credit for their volunteer efforts.

Williams said that both these areas, among others, create great networking outlets, which could lead to potential job opportunities. Are you taking advantage of them?

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