What Is Netiquette: Learn the Rules of Online Dating (5:34)

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When it comes to the Internet, why do all good manners seem to disappear? Most people view the Internet as a wall that they can hide behind. However, if they say the wrong thing to the wrong person, it could be very damaging to their reputation and brand.

Julie Spira, Author of upcoming book Rules of Netiquette, told WebProNews that people should apply common sense tactics to the Internet, social media, and mobile communication. So often, people act in the heat of the moment and regret it later. She believes if people practice basic Internet etiquette, AKA netiquette, both their business and personal brand will be more successful.

Spira is also known as the Cyber Dating Expert and spoke with us about this topic as well. She has been dating online way before eHarmony, Match.com, and other popular sites existed. Based on her experience, she believes that authenticity is the “new sexy.”

She told us that being authentic is better for both personal and business brands. In other words, don’t lie about age, weight, and job. She said that, since it’s all going to come out eventually, people should show that there is truth in advertising.

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