Is Marketing Killing Quality Content? (22:58)

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Is it possible to have too much marketing? It’s a difficult question, especially since WebProNews extensively offers advice for getting the most out of marketing. However, Chris Pearson, the Creator of Thesis and Founder of DIYthemes, told us that the publishing industry was gravitating toward too many marketing messages.

He went on to explain that passion blogging was dying to short “content thin” marketing messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

“I’m not real pleased with that development because I feel like there’s a lack of depth in a lot of areas that still need critical examination,” he said.

According to Pearson, this trend is happening since so many decisions are based on money. Going forward, he believes that marketers need to worry about what people want to read instead of money and produce quality content as a result.

Do you agree with Pearson that the publishing industry is suffering from a case of too much marketing? Let us know.

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