Zaarly – “The Mobile Marketplace for Anything” (7:53)

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Mobile commerce startup Zaarly has been around for less than a year but you’d never know it by all the hype it’s been receiving. Zaarly is a mobile app that creates a way to buy and sell on a local level.

As Eric Koester, the CMO and Co-founder of the company explained to us, Zaarly is the “mobile marketplace for anything.” Since it’s designed for mobile, real-time commerce, the focus is on buyers, at this point.

Zaarly saw over $8 million in transactions in just the first five months. Also, it has received funding from Ashton Kutcher and added former eBay CEO Meg Whitman to its board. I think it’s safe to say that the Zaarly gang is onto something…

Koester told us that the company plans a tighter integration between buyers and sellers over time as well as better and more tools for small businesses to utilize.

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