Alec Shankman Explains How GotCast Uses Tech to Bridge Talent & Agents (9:26)

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After working as an agent for several years, Alec Shankman realized that there was a serious divide in bringing fresh talent together with producers, agents, and casting directors. He, along with his business partner Wil Schroter, took this problem and created a solution known as

As Shankman explained, the free service creates a platform that lets casting directors and agents find talent and also that helps talent find work. The interactive community also has a social media-based contest element called MediaBlastr that allows friends and family to vote for their loved one on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Shankman told us that the entertainment industry is trying to embrace technology better than the music industry did. Even though there are challenges, especially in terms of monetization, he said that Hollywood was determined to make it work.

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