Congressman Boucher on the Failed AT&T/T-Mobile Merger – What Now? (14:27)

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After the AT&T/T-Mobile merger fell threw last month, a lot of questions have been raised about what happens next with both companies. Will AT&T still be able to fulfill its goals? Can T-Mobile USA survive since its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, does not want to invest in it further?

WebProNews spoke with former Congressman and Internet Innovation Alliance Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher about these questions and others, who gave us his perspective on the companies. Congressman Boucher supported the merger, as he told us in a prior interview, because he believed it would bring innovation, help the economy, and produce jobs.

He told us that, although AT&T would not be able to complete its goals in the same time frame it would have if the deal had gone through, he believed it could still meet them. The Congressman also said T-Mobile was a strong company, and he believed it would remain a player in the mobile industry. However, its biggest challenge will be gaining the capital it needs to deploy 4G.

Even though he thinks the companies will bounce back from this hurdle, Congressman Boucher told us that the mobile industry, consumers, and the economy would be impacted long-term.

What’s your prediction for the future of AT&T and T-Mobile? Let us know in the comments.

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