Study: Voters More Apt to Go Online for Political Information (8:53)

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Popular forum Topix and Equation Research recently conducted a study to learn more about the relationship between the Internet and politics. The companies surveyed 1,000 U.S. voters and found that people are increasingly turning to the Web for their political information.

WebProNews spoke with Chris Tolles, the CEO of Topix, who told us that voters are trending online because they get a more balanced view. The study also found that voters are going online in order to participate in political discussions and debates.

Tolles told us that this trend would increase in the coming years as voters strive to have a “personal relationship” with news. He also said that politicians would have to learn how to leverage online platforms such as Topix, Facebook, and Twitter, to ensure that they are connecting with the conversation.

Where do you go for your political information? Let us know.

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