Why Poor Email Management Poses a Legal Risk (5:34)

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According to email management firm Oasys Software, 96 percent of employees say that they believe their companies are at some level of legal risk due to poor email management. Oasys came to these results after conducting a survey of its customers, which include lawyers, accountants, and others.

Alec Milton, the CEO of Oasys Software, told us that the results were “quite shocking.” As he explained, the company found that nearly 92 percent of employees spend up to one hour per day searching for email. In addition, another 64 percent of those surveyed said that they were forced to delete emails because their inbox was too full.

Milton recommends that companies and employees organize their emails into folders just as they would important documents. There are also software services, such as Oasys, that companies can use to help secure email systems.

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