Danny Sullivan on Google’s New Privacy Policy Saga (10:25)

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A lot of controversy was sparked after Google announced that it was consolidating more than 60 of its privacy policies into one. The search giant believes one policy would create a more fluid experience for users across the Internet.

For example, if users are conducting multiple Google searches about skateboarding, then Google might assume they want a skateboarding video when they visit YouTube. While some users see the benefits to a more personalized search experience, many are worried what it could potentially do.

Danny Sullivan, the Executive Editor at Search Engine Land, spoke with us and said that even though Google has said it would not conduct ad targeting or other potentially harmful practices, it has the “right” to under the new policy. Although users cannot opt-out completely, they can adjust their preferences on various Google products to prevent data storage.

Privacy group EPIC has filed a suit against the FTC saying that it violates the settlement Google and the agency reached last year and has asked that the case to be expedited before the new policy goes into effect. In addition, EPIC is asking that Google publicly release its privacy audits that the FTC required that it take.

Sullivan told us that he doubts the FTC will find Google to be in violation since many other tech companies have the similar policies. The policy is scheduled to go into effect March 1st.

How do you feel about Google’s new privacy policy? Let us know.

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