Facebook’s $100 Billion Valuation Is Too High, According to Francis Gaskins (8:59)

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While Facebook’s IPO has raised a lot of excitement in the tech space, it has also raised some questions. WebProNews has already reported on the impact of the IPO on users and marketers, but what about from a business standpoint?

Francis Gaskins, the President of IPODesktop.com, told us that, even though Facebook’s IPO has a lot of potential, its estimated valuation of $75-100 billion is not reasonable. As he explained, when you look at the past 4-5 quarter results, Facebook’s earnings were flat.

What’s more is the fact that Facebook didn’t really have a competitor during that time. Now, however, with Google+ on the scene and growing at a rapid rate, Gaskins believes that the company’s forecast could be off.

According to him, Facebook should have gone public last summer, which would have made it the first of its kind.

Do you think Facebook should be valued at $100 billion? Why or why not?

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