New Startup Nicira Takes Cloud Computing to New Level (7:24)

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Earlier this month, startup Nicira officially came out of stealth mode. The company launched its software, which is called the Network Virtualization Platform (NVP), in hopes of dramatically changing cloud computing.

As Martin Casado, Nicira’s co-founder and CTO, explained to us, the software creates virtual networks in cloud data centers. It takes workloads and puts them in a world where everything they see is virtual, he continued.

Although some reports have indicated that NVP could threaten companies such as Cisco, Juniper, and HP, Casado told us that Nicira was designed to tackle a different problem. Early customers of the platform include AT&T, eBay, Rackspace, and others, which all appear to be pleased with the software.

According to Casado, Nicira will be virtualizing more services over the next few months.

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