Should the FCC Allow Cable Encryption? Hear Why Boxee Thinks It Shouldn’t (9:39)

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The FCC is in the process of reviewing multiple documents regarding whether or not to permit cable companies to encrypt their basic programming. Cable giants such as Comcast and Time Warner are lobbying for the FCC to change the policy since digital boxes could be serviced remotely, which they say would reduce costs.

Internet streaming set-top box companies such as Boxee, however, disagree. Avner Ronen, the company’s CEO, spoke with WebProNews and said consumers and competition would be hurt if the FCC removes the restriction.

He told us that, over the past year, the number of subscribers to cable companies is either flat or declining. As a result, he believes the companies are trying to boost their revenue by asking subscribers to pay a monthly rental fee for their set-top boxes.

Ronen also pointed out that cable companies are trying to block innovations like Boxee from competing in the market.

The FCC is currently weighing both sides of the dispute, but there is no word on when a decision could be reached.

Is Boxee right, or do you think the cable companies have a point? We’d love to know.

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