Skimlinks CEO: We Have a “Happy Relationship” with Pinterest (7:33)

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In light of Pinterest’s rapid growth, the startup gained some slightly negative attention after Josh Davis of LL Social revealed that it was making money through affiliate marketing. The company was reportedly using a service called Skimlinks to add affiliate links across its site. The news, however, became a bit controversial because it came as a shock to everyone and also because Pinterest didn’t disclose that it was doing this.

To add to the drama, Pinterest apparently quit using Skimlinks after the news began to spread. So, what happened? Was Pinterest using Skimlinks, and if so, is their relationship now over?

WebProNews spoke with Skimlinks’ CEO Alicia Navarro who shed some light on these questions and the entire situation. According to her, Skimlinks and Pinterest have a “happy relationship.”

She went on to say that Pinterest did pause its use of Skimlinks recently, which she believes is a result of the media frenzy that occurred.  In addition, she thinks the reason could also be because Pinterest now has the time to focus on its overall monetization strategy since it has raised considerable amount money.

Navarro told us that people have been “overwhelmingly supportive” throughout this experience. In fact, she said that many people approved of Pinterest’s use of Skimlinks because it didn’t interfere with their user experience.

What’s your take on this drama? Did it get blown out of proportion? We’d love to hear from you.

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