Tello CEO on New Business Platform and New Funding Round (8:45)

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Today, SaaS and mobile company Tello launched a new platform geared specifically toward customer service needs for businesses. The tool, which is simply called Tello for Business, allows both big and small companies respond to user feedback in real time.

As Joe Beninato, Tello’s CEO, explained to WebProNews, the new service helps businesses quickly and easily address customer concerns or other issues. He said the platform could potentially turn consumers into repeat customers.

Tello for Business also offers companies a detailed analytics platform that provides business metrics, employee ratings, and more. Beninato told us that, at a time when consumers can easily post reviews and comments via their mobile devices, it was especially critical for businesses to put a greater emphasis on their customer service strategies.

Meanwhile, Tello additionally announced today that it has raised $2.7 million in funding. Beninato said the company plans to use the capital to further develop its platform.

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