“Annoying Orange” YouTube Hit To Go Mainstream This Summer (8:49)

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The Annoying Orange Web show has taken YouTube by storm. The YouTube channel has well over 1 billion views and more than 2 million subscribers. Dane Boedigheimer, the creator of the phenomenon, recently spoke with WebProNews about the viral sensation and its television deal.

Boedigheimer, who is more commonly known as “Daneboe,” told us that he had created several one-off talking food episodes prior to the launch of Annoying Orange. He expected Annoying Orange to follow the same trend, but instead, it took off.

Boedigheimer credits a large part of the success of Annoying Orange to their efforts on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page has over 10 million “likes” and the pages for individual characters have many fans as well. Twitter is also a key tool for the show since users can read what are, essentially, mini episodes from the various Twitter accounts set up.

What’s more, the show captured the attention of the Cartoon Network. The TV series is set to air in June, but the Web show will continue. Boedigheimer told us that he hopes the shows will work together and push traffic to each other.

He is excited about the future and said his team will continue to create consistent content.

Have you jumped onto the “Annoying Orange” bandwagon? We’d love to know.

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