Antitrust Regulation Is A “Cheap Way” To Gain Competitive Advantage, Says Hon. James Miller III (10:40)

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The issue of antitrust concerns is on the rise in the tech industry as Google, Apple, and others are being investigated by U.S. agencies. But, are the claims about these companies valid?

WebProNews spoke with the Honorable James Miller III, a senior advisor with the Husch Blackwell law firm and former director of the U.S. Office of Management & Budget as well as the former chair of the Federal Trade Commission, who appeared on an antitrust panel hosted by the Federalist Society earlier this week. According to him, while some companies may have some legitimate concerns about their competition, the issues need to be approached very carefully in regards fast-paced industries such as the tech space.

Given his past experience with these matters, Miller believes there are cases in which the government needs to step in, but pointed out that antitrust is often a “cheap way” of an attempt at one-upping the competition. In these cases, investigations can be very harmful to companies since their focus is no longer on meeting consumer needs and growing their business.

At this time, America is a leader in the tech space. However, Miller fears that, with so much pending regulation, innovation and creativity from American companies could suffer, if these matters persist.

Is antitrust enforcement taking a toll on American companies? What do you think?

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