Chomp CEO on App Search and Discovery (21:13)

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With over a billion apps downloaded each month, users are finding it more difficult to find what they are looking for. Ben Keighran, the CEO of Chomp, realized this problem, and he, along with Cathy Edwards, developed a service to solve this problem.

As he explained to WebProNews, Chomp allows users to search for apps based on what it does and not just the name. He said it “opens up the long tail of applications to everyone.”

Chomp also partnered with Verizon Wireless in an effort to bring the app search platform to Android smartphones through the Verizon app store. Keighran told us that the partnership gives Verizon access to license free technology and that it helps Chomp with distribution efforts.

In addition, the company announced an advertising platform that connects app advertisers with consumers searching for specific apps. Kieghran said Chomp Search Ads are a “match made in Heaven.”

In other news regarding Chomp, Apple recently acquired the company. While the purchase is extremely significant for the app search engine, many people are questioning what Apple will do with the service.

Some are suggesting that it may make another attempt at social networking with Chomp, while others are wondering if it may overhaul the way apps are discovered. What’s more is people are speculating about what it could mean for Android users. What do you think?

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