New Social Discovery Service uberlife Launches at SXSW (10:21)

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Uberlife, a startup based in the UK, launched this week just as the SXSW festivities are beginning. The company is hoping to be one of the new hot startups that people remember from the show.

WebProNews spoke with Sanchita Saha, uberlife’s CEO and Founder, who told us that the service is designed to extend online connections into the real world. She explained that it is different from services such as Foursquare since it goes beyond the basic check in.

Saha said the service is intention-based, which means users create “hangouts” around where they are going to be. These hangouts are public, so that others can join as well.

Bands are already taking advantage of the platform to connect with both their peers and fans. Saha told us that businesses are also using the service to build better relationships with their customers.

Will uberlife be the next hot startup to take off at SXSW? What do you think?

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