SMBs Are Prime Targets for Hackers, Says Incapsula (7:09)

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As more and more companies are falling victim to security breaches, a lot of businesses are worried they could be next. These concerns reached a new height over the course of 2011 as Sony, Citibank, and even certain areas of the government were hacked.

What’s worse, as Marc Gaffan, the Co-founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development for web security firm Incapsula, explained to WebProNews, if large well-known companies are getting hacked, then small to medium-sized businesses are even more susceptible to attacks. In fact, he told us that hundreds and thousands of SMBs are attacked on a daily basis.

According to Gaffan, most businesses aren’t aware that these concerns are so common. He believes that they should focus more on these numbers and also on who is coming to their sites.

Gaffan recommends that businesses utilize tools such as Incapsula’s offerings in order to protect themselves against malicious activity. Incapsula’s solutions specifically include a Bot Access Control capability that not only lets users know who is coming to their site, but it also gives them the tools to control who gets in and who doesn’t.

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