Adobe: What CS6 and Creative Cloud Mean for You (11:53)

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Adobe made several announcements this week, much to the excitement of creative professionals. The company introduced Adobe Creative Suite 6 as well as its Creative Cloud.

As Heidi Voltmer, the Director of Product Marketing at Adobe, explained to WebProNews, CS6 includes 14 new products and 4 Creative Suites. She told us that Adobe focused on speed and performance, improving features in tools such as Photoshop, making sure that the content produced in CS6 is ready for devices, and updating the user interface.

In addition to CS6, Adobe also introduced Creative Cloud, which creates a hub for users to explore and share content through CS6 desktop applications. Creative Cloud runs on a membership basis that allows users to pay on an ongoing basis for access to the newest technology.

“It’s not just like today, where you buy a single box and you don’t see anything new from Adobe for 12-24 months,” said Voltmer. “With the Creative Cloud, you actually get those updates on an ongoing basis.”

Voltmer pointed out that these products allow Adobe to not only serve designers, but also the enterprise market.

Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud are scheduled to be released on May 23.

What do you think of Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud? We’d love to know.

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