Uses Improv to Spur Innovation and Creativity (9:09)

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Loading... has experienced a number of changes in recent years including its major decision to pull out of the search industry and focus on mobile efforts and primarily its question and answer service. The company has been very successful with its question and answer service and has thus proven that change can be very good.

Its latest change, however, took everyone, including the company’s executives, by surprise. As Lisa Kavanaugh,’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, explained to WebProNews, the company found its latest way to transform itself in Tina Fey’s book Bossypants.

Although it was the last place Ask expected to find inspiration, Kavanaugh told us that they decided to try the “applied improvisation” the book recommends. When it worked, the company was both stunned and excited.

Kavanaugh told us that it has forced the company to think in a new way as opposed to the normal everyday way of thinking. Not only has “applied improvisation” changed the culture of Ask, but Kavanaugh said it has also helped it in terms of product development. The exercises were used in the creation of a polling app as well as the ability to speed up product roadmaps and reach goals faster.

She said she was a skeptic at first, but now she recommends it to other businesses.

Could you see “applied improvisation” benefitting your business? We’d love to know.

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