Facial Recognition Is Not Only For Surveillance, Says Face.com (9:30)

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The idea of facial recognition has been equated with Hollywood and the government for a long time. However, companies, including Face.com, are taking the phenomenon mainstream.

While it’s a fascinating concept, Gil Hirsch, the CEO of Face.com, explained to WebProNews, that the process has been somewhat challenging. According to Hirsch, Hollywood has presented facial recognition as a form of surveillance, which has “creeped out” lots of consumers.

Face.com, on the other hand, is not about following people. Hirsch told us that they want to bring their technology to people to use everyday to connect with others. He said the company takes privacy seriously and even has limitations for developers that use its API.

The company did recently update its API to include age, gender and mood detection. Going forward, Hirsch indicated that Face.com would focus on further improvement of its technology and mobile development.

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