How Adele McConnell-Cummins Built a Vegie Head Community Online (7:18)

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A little over a year ago, Adele McConnell-Cummins began posting images of food on a Tumblr account. Little did she know that her hobby would build an entire community of “vegie heads” shortly thereafter.

As McConnell-Cummins explained to WebProNews, her followers began asking for recipes to go along with her photos. Her images were unique in that they were of vegan and vegetarian foods that she had prepared. In an effort to respond to her followers’ needs, she built a website simply called Vegie Head to share her passion with her fellow vegetarian and vegan friends.

Since then, she has built her website into a business that includes cooking classes, ebooks, and also menu development for restaurants. She told us that social media channels, and particularly Facebook and YouTube, have helped her success.

McConnell-Cummins’ first ebook, Vegan Essentials is about to be released, and a second one is already in the works. Going forward, she told us to expect “big things” from Vegie Head as well.

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