How Wavii Creates a ‘News Feed’ for the Whole Web (18:30)

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How would you like to have a Facebook News Feed for all the news and information you consume? A new startup that just launched into public beta aims to do just this. The company is called Wavii and takes the concept of news aggregation to a new level.

As Adrian Aoun, the CEO of Wavii, explained to WebProNews, the company aims to understand everything on the Web. Although he admits it’s an ambitious goal, Aoun believes that Wavii has the potential to organize the world’s information beyond the extent of Google’s mission.

The service, which is available on the Web and in an iPhone app, allows users to set up feeds for news and topics of interest. For instance, users can receive snippets of information regarding topics such as President Obama, Apple, Kate Middleton, and more.

Going forward, Aoun told us that Wavii would like to return broader information about a specified topic. In other words, if the topic is Kate Middleton, Wavii wants to also include quotes from famous people about her in the feed.

Although it’s still in the very early stages, Aoun believes that Wavii plays a significant role in solving the problem of big data.

Do you see yourself using Wavii for your news and information? What do you think?

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