Is the Open Internet at Risk? (8:14)

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The topic of Internet freedom has been a relatively quiet until a recent interview with Google’s Sergey Brin. In his interview with the Guardian, Google’s co-founder said he was “worried” about the future of the open Web.

Although Brin has since come out and said his comments were taken out of the context of his entire conversation, the debate was already sparked. Many people began to question Google’s own “openness” as a result.

Rebecca Lieb, an analyst with the Altimeter Group and who is also veteran in the search industry, spoke with WebProNews about the matter and told us that Brin lumped both sides of the open Web discussion together. He referenced the social and political side in which governments block Internet access, and also the other side that is business-oriented and covers “walled gardens.”

While both sides exist, she said they are very different. According to her, the social and political side is very serious and should receive attention. However, the other side raises concerns about Google itself, given some recent actions from the company.

Lieb told us that if companies really want an open Web, they should spend more time lobbying in Washington for net neutrality measures.

Do you think the openness of the Web is being threatened? If so, who is to blame and what should be done? Let us know.

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