What Does Music Intelligence Mean to You? The Echo Nest Explains. (8:19)

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Big data is beginning to intrigue everyone for its broad-reaching possibilities. The music industry is already taking advantage of it with platforms such as The Echo Nest, which aggregates music intelligence to ultimately create better user experiences.

As CEO Jim Lucchese explained to WebProNews, the company has software that listens and understands the music that users are listening to, thus creating music intelligence. The Echo Nest then combines this data with a cultural analysis of what people are saying about music across the Web.

The company makes this information available in its API, so that developers can build music applications on top of the data. Lucchese told us that The Echo Nest recently integrated with both Spotify and Raditaz in order to produce new and innovative experiences for music lovers.

Going forward, Luchesse said that the company would take its user taste profiling ability to help users connect with each other based on their musical preferences.

How do you see music intelligence changing your music experience? Let us know.

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