Analyst: App Developers Need to Lead the Way in Mobile Privacy (16:17)

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The debate surrounding mobile privacy is really heating up as smartphones become more ubiquitous. Consumers are growing dependent on their mobile devices, and are taking advantage of the hundreds of thousands of apps that are available to them. The problem, however, comes into play when they realize how much of their data these apps have.

As Jules Polonetsky, the Director and Co-Chairman of the Future of Privacy Forum, explained to us, consumers want apps to have their data for a better experience. But, they also want them to respect it. While it’s clearly a challenging situation, he believes it is critical that solutions are found now before consumers’ reputations are harmed.

According to him, everyone – from the user to the platform to the app developer – needs to take some responsibility in these issues. For starters, the platforms need to continue to update their base level restrictions for apps. Consumers also have some responsibility, but both the developers and the platforms need to make it easy for them to understand. Ultimately, Polonetsky said that app developers needed to lead the way to resolving the concerns.

He went on to say that, if measures aren’t taken, the government would likely step in. The state of California has already reached an agreement with major platform vendors that would require them to have privacy policies that are easily accessible to users. The state is also currently working on a set of guidelines for app developers.

Are you concerned about mobile privacy? Why or why not?

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