Brightcove on the Transformation of Online Video (12:55)

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In recent years, we’ve seen online video go from very simplistic content to now television and movie-type content. While this progression brings a lot of excitement and opportunities, it also brings many challenges.

Jeff Whatcott, the Chief Marketing Officer at Brightcove, spoke with WebProNews and explained that these changes force media companies and publishers think very differently than they did in the past. Now, they must think about how to protect their content, how to deliver it in multiple formats for various devices, and how their advertising methods may change.

What’s more, they also have to determine whether to develop these technologies internally or to outsource them to services such as Brightcove. Whatcott told us that many of these publishers opt to go with Brightcove and other similar services since it saves tremendous time and effort.

“So, rather than starting from just a blank sheet of paper and a long list of questions, they start with a code that’s actually already been written [and] that already integrates in with the right systems and the right ways,” he said.

Brightcove has essentially re-built a video infrastructure through HTML5. Going forward, Whatcott told us that we should expect more developments in online video. He also added that Brightcove would continue to evolve its technology in order to keep up.

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