Former Googler Brit Morin Is Bringing Homemakers into the Digital Age (8:01)

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If you like to make things and are the least bit tech savvy, you’re likely going to fall in love with the new lifestyle brand Brit. The brand is the brainchild of Brit Morin, who was formerly employed by both Apple and Google.

She spoke with WebProNews and explained that, while she has always had a love for tech, she also loved creating items in the offline world. As a result, she decided to build a domestic living brand to teach the younger generation how to bring these worlds together.

Brit provides shortcuts and creative living ideas for several categories including food, style, weddings, and living. The company just released an app for its weddings category called Weduary, which allows couples to create their own wedding websites. Morin told us that the company would eventually have Web and mobile apps for all its categories.

In other news regarding the brand, the company recently announced a $1.25 million seed round of funding from investors such as Marissa Mayer, Seth Goldstein, General Catalyst Partners, and the Founders Fund. According to Morin, this funding will be used to scale the company.

She also told us that we should expect much more from the brand in the coming months.

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