Gooey Search Startup Hopes To Shake Up Google Search (14:22)

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Software company Visual Purple has launched a Kickstarter project in hopes of raising $125,000 to launch a platform called Gooey Search. As Ed Heinbockel, the company’s CEO and Founder, explained to us, the concept is to build an “intelligent layer” on top of Google’s search results that allows users to sort and filter to their preference.

With Gooey, Visual Purple would strip out the spammy results and only return the very best results in its Gooey Graph for users to sort. The company already has a paid platform called GisterPRO that does this for researchers and analysts, but it is hoping to take the tool to everyone in the form of an iPad app and Firefox add-on.

Heinbockel told us that Gooey Search also ensures complete user privacy and anonymity since the Gooey Group messaging system it uses secures and encrypts all messaging. He went on to say that platforms such as Gooey were necessary as more and more people are beginning to look for Google alternatives.

The deadline for the Kickstarter project is set for June 8, and at this point, the initiative has raised just over $2,000.

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