Is Miss Travel Really about Travel and Dating? (7:14)

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A new website called Miss Travel is gaining quite a bit of attention, but not necessarily in a good way. Miss Travel launched last month as a dating site geared toward travelers. The way that the site combines these two elements, however, is the reason it is causing controversy.

Miss Travel matches “attractive” and “generous” people that share a love for travel but lack either the funding or the companion to do so. But at this point, the overall perception is that the site is an escort service.

Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of Miss Travel, told us that the site is very clear about not being an escort service. He said there is a huge difference between paying for an escort and being generous.

According to Wade, people are “reading between the lines” when they say it’s an escort service. He told us that Miss Travel would soon have testimonials to prove that it really is about dating and travel.

Since its launch last month, the site has already garnered nearly 50 thousand users.

What do you think about Miss Travel? Is it just another dating service, or is there more to it? We’d love to hear your take.

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