Kaspersky Analyst: Apple’s Flawless Security Record Isn’t True (10:11)

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Apple has long been paraded as the security maven when compared to Microsoft. However, it looks like this reputation might be changing. Recent reports from security firm Kaspersky Lab have found that malware on the Apple platform is growing. Speaking at the Infosecurity Europe 2012 event, Eugene Kaspersky, the firm’s CEO and co-founder, even said that Apple was “10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security.”

To help us get a better understanding of this news, WebProNews spoke to Kurt Baumgartner, a senior researcher at Kaspersky Lab. According to him, Apple’s security response is especially lacking. As he explained, Microsoft has created a vulnerability-patching program that allows Oracle to provide updates when Java vulnerabilities are detected. Apple, on the other hand, maintains its own patching schedule, which means vulnerabilities could exist for several months before being addressed.

Baumgartner told us that he believes Apple is starting to make improvements in its security but said it would take time to completely solve the concerns. He encourages Apple customers to uninstall Java, which he calls the thorn in Apple’s side, if they don’t need it. Furthermore, he suggests that they reach out to Apple representatives and request them to make improvements to the security update process.

As he explained, if proper action isn’t taken, the malware will only become more prevalent and dangerous.

Are you surprised to hear that Apple’s security is weakening? Do you believe it? Let us know.

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